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Weather Station Information
So you may be wondering who I am and What I do?
   Name: Derek Maroot

   Location: Newport VT USA

   Station Location: 44.93N 72.20W--Station Elevation: 723' A.S.L.

   Weather Station: Ultimeter 2000, II, Lightning Detector.

   Observations: Daily & Continuously using Weather Display Software

Here's a screen shot of Weather Display running off of my Ultimeter 2000,
I Highly recommend Weather Display Software-it's the best out there!!

   Climate Data: Yes

   Camera/Video Equipment: 8mm Sony Video Camera, Vivitar Digital

   Radio/Communications Equipment: 2086 Channel Mobil Radio/Scanner

   Member Of: CASI , AWO, WPTZ Precision Weather Watcher

   Other Info:
      I've been observing the weather here for the past 9 years. I
   have records of climatological data for each month since I have begun
   observing. Occasionally during significant events the NWS asks me for
   data or special observations. I have provided data to architects,
   contractors, scientists and much more. I have the capabilities of tracking
   over 100 different variables with my state of art weather station and
   equipment. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to
 my e-mail address above, and I will be happy to read and reply to them.
Happy Weather

The Yellow Dot indicates my Weather Stations location...


Did you know?...Lightning's return stroke is hotter than the surface of the sun. Lightning is 50,000F. The sun is only about 11,000F.

Photo by: Derek Maroot