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About the Author

   By now you probably already have an Idea of what my name is right? My name is Derek. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always have had an interest in flying and weather. There is just something about the two that I absolutely love. I started tracking the weather when I was twelve and I bought my first weather station soon after that. I took daily observations and graphed numerous weather variables, keeping track of the ever changing weather of Vermont and the Northeast kingdom.
    A year later, I decided that I wanted to take my dream of becoming a pilot and turn it to reality. So I began taking flying lessons at our local airport. I continued to learn to fly and found my interest in weather to be a big part of learning to fly.
    Now at the age of twenty, I'M a F.A.A. Certified Commercial Pilot with an Instrument rating and I'm continuing my flight training on the Flight Instructor Certificate. I'm planning to make a career out of aviation. I am also continuing my interest in weather and the environment, as I am an Environmental Sciences Major at Lyndon State College.

 "Keep an eye to the sky!"

Derek Maroot